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5 tips for creating your resume for your business school application

Posted by Rob C and Alison M on Nov 2, 2016 2:46:00 PM

Be sure to proofread your resume before letting anyone else see it!

Within your business school application you have limited opportunities to highlight your previous experiences and current accomplishments. Your resume is a source of this information for the admissions committee. A resume for business school should be approached differently than one you create for a job interview. Here are 5 things to keep in mind:

1) Make it easy for us to read

We have seen formats that are all over the place. Spacing is too big or too small. Font size is too big or too small. Font type is hard to read. The list goes on. There are plenty of good professional templates you can use. At minimum, we recommend the following:

  • Font size: We recommend 12 point
  • Font type: We recommend Times New Roman or Arial or a similar easy-to-read font

2) If the info is relevant, longer than one page is fine

Give us your unabridged version. Do not leave off information if it is relevant for your application. It is ok to submit a resume longer than one page as long as the additional information you submit is relevant to the program to which you are applying. If you list activities and/or organizations with which you are active, include additional details on your involvement if it is not already addressed elsewhere.
3) You do not need an objective statement
Some resources will recommend you insert an “objective statement.” This is not necessary. If you are applying to a graduate business program, we are quite sure that your objective is to be admitted! You do not need to state the obvious.
4) Please proofred proofread!
It is very easy to miss a misspelling or three. It is very easy to neglect to insert a comma where one is needed. Have someone that you trust review your resume before you submit it with the rest of your application. Submitting something that is sloppy reflects very poorly on the applicant – don’t let this happen to you.
5) "References Available Upon Request?" Not needed.
You are required to submit references as a part of your application. There is no need to list them separately here, as we already have access to this information.
In summary, put forth as much effort and care with your resume as you do with all other parts of your application. 

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