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Applying for 2017? Better do it soon

Posted by Rob C and Alison M on Mar 28, 2017 1:56:46 PM

If you're planning to apply for autumn 2017, you better start working on this ... the application deadline for all Fisher graduate programs is May 1, 2017 and that day will be here sooner than you think.

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Red Carpet Recap - Admitted Students Weekend 2017

Posted by Alison M. on Mar 24, 2017 10:09:08 AM


Recently, we hosted an outstanding group of admitted Fisher MBA students and guests for our annual Red Carpet event. After a tour of Columbus, one of the world's best cities, including a stop at Fisher Commons, we kicked off the weekend at the Schott for an OSU men's hockey game and mingling with current students. 

Saturday was packed with activities for both the admitted students and their partners, giving them access to deans, faculty, staff, current students and alumni.

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3 Ways a Fisher MBA Will Help You Launch and Scale Your Startup

Posted by Alison M. on Feb 7, 2017 9:00:00 AM

No one ever said entrepreneurship was easy. The path to launching a new business is always a rocky one, with plenty of starts and stops, bumps, and direction changes along the way. It takes perseverance, creativity, and a certain tolerance for risk.

But that’s not to say it can’t be made easier. With the right combination of skills, experience, and guidance, an entrepreneur can navigate those rocky early phases and build a sustainable, profitable business.

You, like many people In the midst of their careers, may dream of striking out on your own — to test your mettle in the fast-paced startup world or bring a new product or service concept to life. But as good as you may be at engineering, or product design, or sales, what’s holding you back is a lack of well-rounded business know-how.

You know that starting a business will require you to secure funding, build a team, manage a budget, and market and distribute a product. How can you add these skills to your entrepreneur’s toolbox?

For three reasons, an MBA at Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University will help you beef up your business skills, forge connections, and incubate your ideas, making your path to business leadership as smooth as possible.

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Important tip for international applicants regarding TOEFL and IELTS

Posted by Rob C and Alison M on Feb 6, 2017 2:37:45 PM

The Fisher College of Business reviews applications on a rolling basis as those applications are complete. You are definitely welcome (and encouraged!) to submit your application as soon as you are able to do so, even if it's not complete. But your application does need to be complete before we will review it for an admission decision.

Part of a complete application for most international applicants is submission of official TOEFL or IELTS scores directly from the test administrators. Here's the most important advice we can give you when sending your TOEFL or IELTS scores to us:

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Took the GMAT or GRE more than once?  Here is how we view your scores

Posted by Rob C and Alison M on Jan 24, 2017 1:58:35 PM

Despite many hours preparing to take your standardized test, you may have scores lower than you anticipated.  In a previous blog post, we gave some advice about taking the GMAT or GRE more than once. Let's say you decided to take the GMAT or the GRE again. How do we view multiple test scores from a single applicant? Here are three things we consider:

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6 things to avoid if you're going through the financial review process

Posted by Rob C and Alison M on Jan 17, 2017 1:45:06 PM
All international students who are recommended for admission must complete the " financial review" process before his or her letter of admission is issued. This is true for any international student admitted to any graduate business program in the United States. 
The Ohio State University Graduate School's Graduate and Professional Admissions Office ("GPAO") will review your financial documentation to determine whether you have sufficient funding for the program you've been admitted into. If your documents are satisfactory, then it will issue the form I-20 or DS-2019. If your documents do not pass the financial review process, then it will send you a letter or email asking for additional proof of funding. This will delay your official admission by at least one month.
We recently asked the GPAO for those things that will delay your financial review - it identified six things that will always slow down the process. If you are an admitted international student, keep these things in mind when submitting your financial documents.
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What you need to know about your reference and vice versa ...

Posted by Rob C and Alison M on Dec 12, 2016 1:22:04 PM

Depending on the program to which you are applying, your graduate business school application requires you to get one or more recommendations. Consider these to be your "expert witnesses," testifying on your behalf. Getting references for your application is not simply an exercise of finding people willing to do this for you and then having them do it - if done well, you will come out looking better.

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5 Rankings That Prove Columbus, Ohio Is a Great City for MBAs

Posted by Alison M. on Dec 1, 2016 9:00:00 AM

How can the country’s 15th most populated city and the largest city in the country’s seventh most populated state be considered a best-kept secret? When it’s Columbus, Ohio.

Praise for Columbus keep rolling in:

1. NPR calls it “a nearly recession-proof hub of Ohio” that’s attracting young professionals with a low cost of living and diverse economy.

2. CNBC tags Columbus as “a growing mecca for small business,” with a supportive community of business leaders working together for the benefit of all.

3. Money says Columbus is “making the Midwest cool,” with affordable housing within reach of a vibrant downtown.

And yet, when considering it as a destination for earning an MBA and launching a new career, many future MBA students count Columbus out.

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Rolling admissions vs. rounds - what you should know

Posted by Rob C and Alison M on Nov 15, 2016 1:28:24 PM

Some schools operate on a rolling admissions schedule, while others use rounds.  Schools that use rounds expect that your application is complete and submitted by the posted deadline. All of the applications that were submitted by that deadline are reviewed together.  The next batch of applications will be reviewed after the next deadline has passed. For example, if a deadline is November 15 and you submit your application on November 16, you may have missed the chance to be reviewed in that round.  Fisher uses a rolling admissions schedule.

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5 tips for creating your resume for your business school application

Posted by Rob C and Alison M on Nov 2, 2016 2:46:00 PM
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