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Make your personal statement count!

Posted by Alison M. on Nov 30, 2010 2:20:23 PM

When you apply to the MBA program, we receive your application form, your transcripts, your resume, and your test scores, but these items really don't help us get to know all that much about YOU. The letters of recommendation and the personal statement are usually the application materials that give us the most insight into who you really are. While you can coach your references on writing a good letter of recommendation, you can't ultimately control what is said about you. So, really, the personal statement provides you with the best opportunity to convince the Admissions Committee as to why you should be offered a spot in the Fisher MBA program for Working Professionals at The Ohio State University.

A few things that you should include in your personal statement:

  • Rationale for pursuing the MBA degree at this stage of your personal/professional development
    • include an explanation of your career path to date and how your past experiences have informed your decision
    • include a discussion of your goals - both personal and professional - and how the MBA program will help you achieve them
  • Rationale for pursuing the Fisher MBA degree specifically (there are numerous MBA program out there offering a variety of delivery formats - why ours?)
  • Explanation for any red flags or issues that the application may reveal (e.g. sub-par undergraduate grades, big employment gaps, etc.)
  • Be honest and write from your heart - don't try to write what you think we want to hear. It is okay to reveal some shortcomings - we all have them!
  • Be mindful of the length - we set requirements for a reason. We read hundreds of personal statements and we don't have time to read novels. If you are a few words over the limit, no big deal - a few pages over? We will begin to question your ability to follow directions and your attention to detail.

Good luck!

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