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Value of in-person interviews

Posted by Alison M. on Jan 11, 2011 2:29:58 PM

When you receive the request to interview with the Fisher MBA program, you have a decision to make. Do you take the time off of work and spend the money to travel to Columbus and interview in person, or do you schedule the interview so you can finish it more quickly and conduct it over phone or Skype? If you are an international applicant, it is obviously more challenging to travel to Columbus to conduct an interview in person and we really do not expect you to do this. If it is feasible, than wonderful, but we understand that this is not always realistic. If you are a domestic applicant, however, here are 3 compelling reasons for opting for the in-person interview:

1) Face time with members of the admissions committee: No, an in-person interview does not give you a better chance of admission. However, it does show the admissions committee that you are seriously interested in Fisher. If you have taken the time to visit the campus, you are indicating to the school that you are interested in learning more about our program and are serious about taking the time to determine whether Fisher's program is a good fit for you.

2) Access to the Office of Career Management: Each candidate that comes for an evaluative interview and campus visit will have the opportunity to sit down with a career consultant from the Office of Career Management. This meeting enables you to ask questions about Fisher's approach to the job search process, employment opportunities, companies that recruit, etc. You will be able to share your goals and interests with Career Management and receive some initial thoughts/feedback about what you can do to succeed in achieving those goals at Fisher.

3) Ability to assess "fit": By visiting campus, you are giving yourself the opportunity to envision what life might be like here for the next two years. Not only will you get to see the facilities and get a sense of the campus and city of Columbus, but you will get to interact with faculty, staff, and students. Every business school will likely talk to you about "fit" and choosing a program that is a good fit for you. This is a difficult task without visiting the program in person before having to make a decision. The quality of our program is only as strong as the people who represent it. Come to Fisher to meet us and you will see for yourself whether you picture yourself as the newest member of the Fisher community.

We look forward to seeing you in Columbus soon!

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