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6 things to avoid if you're going through the financial review process

Posted by Rob C and Alison M on Jan 17, 2017 1:45:06 PM
All international students who are recommended for admission must complete the "financial review" process before his or her letter of admission is issued. This is true for any international student admitted to any graduate business program in the United States. 
The Ohio State University Graduate School's Graduate and Professional Admissions Office ("GPAO") will review your financial documentation to determine whether you have sufficient funding for the program you've been admitted into. If your documents are satisfactory, then it will issue the form I-20 or DS-2019. If your documents do not pass the financial review process, then it will send you a letter or email asking for additional proof of funding. This will delay your official admission by at least one month.
We recently asked the GPAO for those things that will delay your financial review - it identified six things that will always slow down the process. If you are an admitted international student, keep these things in mind when submitting your financial documents.

1) You neglect to submit copy of passport.
This request is included in the instructions that the GPAO will send to you yet it is very easy to overlook.

2) You neglect to obtain signature of sponsor on his/her affidavit.

3) You neglect to sign and date the affidavit.

Be sure that the forms you submit have all of the necessary signatures. Double check your forms before you submit the forms!

 4) Account holder indicated on bank statement not being the same person that pledged support.
The GPAO will confirm that the person named on the bank statement is the same person who signs the affidavit pledging support. If there is any mismatch, your financial review will stop and will have to start over.

5) You do not indicate that you have dependents until after the GPAO sends you your form I-20.
If you plan to have any dependents (e.g. spouse, children, etc.) move to the U.S. with you, you must declare any - and all - on the affidavit. If you do not and an I-20 is issued, this will immediately invalidate your I-20 - and cause your process to start all over again.

6) Unacceptable or incomplete homeland addresses.
The GPAO must have a physical address to which you would return. It will not accept post office boxes or current university addresses.  (Note:  Sometimes parents are employed at and reside at a university housing complex. This sometimes happens in China. In cases like that, the GPAO accepts university addresses. However, it will not accept one from where the student will graduate and likely never return.)

If you avoid doing the six things described above, you will have done everything that you can do to expedite your admission letter being issued. If you have any questions on the process described above, please contact the GPAO at or +1-614-292-9444.

We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!

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